My Actual Stash Investment Portfolio

I like to be completely transparent with what I’m holding and investing in and how my portfolio is balanced. While I’ve never touched my retirement portfolio I must admit I have sold stocks and taking profits at least twice since 2019. That said because I only took profits but kept contributing I didn’t sell any share if it had negative return. Instead I kept buying it. So here’s my list of my Stash Portfolio and the returns I’ve gotten. I’m not going to list stocks that was freebies from Stash parties that I don’t have set up on reoccurring buy but there is many of them not listed.

Building a Successful Investment Portfolio with My Actual Stash

My Actual Stash Investment Portfolio provides users with a comprehensive guide to building a successful investment portfolio. You will see that many of the stocks I have in Stash are actually dividend paying stocks. I am a firm believer that good blue chip stocks that pay dividends are good for growth especially when added to DCA strategy.

SPCE – Virgin Galactic – Position 8% ROI -64.87% (this is my biggest loser but note that I haven’t dumped it for a loss. Speculative but I’m long here)
SPY – S&P 500 ETF – Position 6% ROI 12.68%
HDV – American Dividends High Yeild – Position 6% ROI 2.79%
TSLA – Tesla – Position 5% ROI 32.41%
BX – Blackstone Group – Position 5% ROI 22.19%
DON – American Mid Cap Dividends – Position 5% ROI 5.85%
OHI – Omega Healthcare Investors – Position 5% ROI 10.28%
QQQ – Invesco QQQ Trust – Position 4% ROI 26.63%
META – META Platforms – Position 4% ROI 138.11%
T – AT&T – Position 4% ROI -6.98% (recently hit lowest price since 1993 and has historically been known for great dividend paying stock)
CNHI – CNH Industrial – Position 4% ROI 16.86%
O – Realty Income Corp – Position 3% ROI -0.40%
INTC – Intel – Position 3% ROI 15.38%
DOW – DOW – Position 3% ROI 2.82%
F – Ford – Position 2% ROI 5.15%
BAC – Bank Of America – Position 2% ROI 1.83%
VZ – Verizon – Position 2% ROI -11.92%
LMT – Lockheed Martin – Position 2% ROI 1.34%
IVV – Match The Market – Position 2% ROI 9.51%
DNB – Dun & Bradstreet – Position 2% ROI 3.96%
TM – Toyota Motor Corp – Position 2% ROI 15.19%
MSFT – Microsoft – Position % ROI 29.16%
MRO – Marathon Oil – Position 2% ROI 9.36%
WBA – Walgreens Boots Alliance – Position 1% ROI -12.21%
LOW – Lowe’s – Position 1% ROI 13.53%

After going through the list I realized that I had many big name stocks that was less than 1% of my portfolio that wasn’t free stash party stocks. To keep the list minimal they include Amazon, Walmart, AMD, Nvidia, Apple, Best Buy, Netflix, HP, Intuit, Google and probably a few other big names I over looked.

As of Friday close July 21, 2023 this portfolio is up overall 5.17%. I hope this shows the importance of diversifying your portfolio. It also important to know that I have started building a portfolio on Robinhood and now got the premium Acorns that also allows me to assign 40% of my own stocks.


My Actual Stash Investment Portfolio is a great resource for those who are new to investing or those who are looking to diversify their portfolios. The platform provides users with a comprehensive guide to building a successful investment portfolio. It also offers users access to a wide range of investment products, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and more. Additionally, the platform provides users with access to a variety of tools and resources to help them make informed decisions about their investments. Finally, the platform provides users with access to a variety of customer support services to help them get the help they need when they need it.

As you can see I try to weigh my portfolios heavily on American companies for the most part. One thing I don’t like about my managed 401k and certain ETFs is I don’t want to invest but only a small percentage in foreign emerging markets.