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Robinhood is the easiest beginner stock trading platform but lacks the tools that Webull has. I suggest using Robinhood if you’re new to trading. Robinhood allows you to buy fractional shares of blue chip stocks so you can build a nice stock portfolio using a DCA method with reoccurring investments.

I started out using Robinhood growing my account to an amount significant enough to make unlimited day trades. I eventually moved all my stock trading to Webull and kept my crypto in Robinhood. But here recently I’ve started building another portfolio with Robinhood.

Sometimes I make a bad move and buy what I thought was close to the bottom of a stock that goes down yet another 40%. And sometimes when this happens instead of doubling down on Webull I buy it with that much better average on Robinhood for a shorter term swing trade on the bounce back up.

Stash – Build wealth with $20 on us when you sign up for Stash and make the minimum deposit.

Stash is a lot like Acorns but unlike Acorns with Stash you can control all the Stocks and ETFs you invest in. When you build a portfolio on Stash you should be thinking really long term. A set it and forget it method with the amount of weekly contributions that your budget allows. I suggest setting your weekly stocks to buy on Fridays. I don’t have exact proof of this but I believe on average of every week measured you get the best price for that week usually on a Friday. This isn’t true every week. Some Fridays are very good days for stocks. But my day and swing trading experience tells me that a lot of short term traders don’t hold through the weekend. Because of this I advocate buying all reoccuring investments on Fridays for the best averages over longer periods of time.

Acorns – Sign up and deposit minimum of $5 and get $5 invested into your Acorns account just by using our referral link.

Acorns allows reoccurring investments and its special feature of rounding up spare change from your linked banked transactions which can build growth quickly with small amounts of money. Think of it like a slow trickle into the bucket always filling up.

Webull – This promotion is always changing sometimes you get as many as 18 free stocks but requires $100 minium deposit.

Webull is my prefered trading platform app because of all its tools and charts. For new users it can be overwelming with all the tools. But if you want to learn trading without risking money utilize Webull’s paper trading feature which allows your practice trading without risking money. I use Webull for swing trading mostly for buying & selling with very short term trades.

My favorite thing about Webull other than all its useful tools is it is much easier to track and see the results of every trade ever made than it is with Robinhood.

Coinbase – Get $10 of bitcoin free on us when you signup with our link and trade $100 worth of crypto.

Crypto can be very volatile but if you’re going to be investing you can’t dismiss crypto from being in your portfolio. I would suggest having a goal of about 6% of your investments to be crypto and never anymore than 10%.